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RTP30- 3-meter Radio Telescope

RTP30 is a  low-cost integrated Radio Telescope kit, fully motorized, which is designed for professionals and educational institutes, a great starting tool for Radio Astronomers.


RTP30 consists of an 8-panel, 3.0-meter dual reflector dish with an Az over El pedestal configuration. The pedestal is mounted on a rigid base extension tube suitable for installation on the ground or rooftop with an optional NPM (None penetrating Mount). 


The main Front-End receiver of this antenna is L-Band 1420 MHz, but additionally, we can supply other bands (e.g., 6.7 GHz for Methanol, etc.) front-end/back-end receiver with this telescope to achieve the different science targets in Radio astronomy.

3m Radio Telescope


  • Fully motorized rotational mount

  • Automatic tracking option

  • Azimuth over Elevation mount configuration 

  • High-resolution absolute encoders

  • Limit switches safety mechanism

  • Rack mounted Antenna Controller

  • Rack mounted Back-End receiver unit 

  • Choose the dual or single Pol. with Linear (V/H) or circular (LH/RH) polarization configuration. 

  • Data analyzing and control software. 

  • 50-meter control and coax cables

  • One-year warranty and ten years of part supply


  • NPM (None Penetrating Mount)

  • Calibration noise source

  • Extra Front-End units for other frequency bands observation

  • Training and installation services on site.

  • RF to fibre converter.


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