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Metrological Radar Antenna
Dual X/Ka bands

RTP240-MR refers to a state-of-the-art dual Tx/Rx radar that comes with a dual reflector antenna mounted on a high-speed system. The entire system is designed to withstand harsh environments and is waterproof. This antenna can be used for a variety of Tx/Rx applications, including metrological applications that meet military standards. We also offer other frequency bands and antenna sizes, so if you need more details, please don't hesitate to contact us.

2.1m meteorological radar antenna


  • Fully computerized Auto movement/tracking  System.

  • Solid and compact mounting system.

  • Variable speed controller.

  • Integrated Motors Driver Unit.  

  • Military-level standards, Made in the United Kingdom.

  • One-year warranty and 10-year part supply.


  • Integrating RF parts 

  • Choose of Feed: 2 Port/4 Port; Linear/ Circular; L/S/C/Ext-C/X/Ku/Ext-Ku/Ka-Band or  Custom-Made Frequency Band

  • Integrating the Transmitter/Receiver into the mount

  • Optional Deicing and Dehydrator kits

  • Training and installation services on site.

  • RF to fibre converter and fibre links.

Meteorological radar antenna.png
2.1m meteorological radar antenna


2.1m meteorological radar antenna
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