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3-meter Radio Telescope 

Radio Telescope

Product Feature

RTP30 is a  low-cost integrated Radio Telescope kit, fully motorized, which is designed for professionals and educational institutes, a great starting tool for Radio Astronomer.

With this telescope, you are able to detect Sun, Moon, and some strong radio sources   ( Many strong radio sources in the database are available for quick reference ).

The main Front-End receiver of this antenna is L-Band but additionally, we can supply C, Ku and Ka-band front-end receiver with this telescope as an option.  

5.3-meter Radio Telescope 

5m tracking antenna

Product Feature

Heavy-duty mount with solid 5.3-meter dish

have a great surface accuracy for observation up to 22GHz.


RTP53 Radio Telescope is fully motorized designed for professionals, and also suitable for educational projects. The possibility of rotation of Az=0-360 degrees and El=0-90 degrees makes this radio telescope ideal for full-sky observation.

7-meter Radio Telescope 

7m radio telescope

Product Feature

Excellent package for Research in Radio Astronomy that many science targets can be reached with this great 7m antenna.

If you are interested in observing the Pulsars or weak celestial sources, RTP70 will be an excellent tool. With this Plug and Play package, you don't need to be worried about the telescope instrument and focus on your science targets.

9-meter Radio Telescope  

9m solar telescope

Product Feature

Professional grade Radio Telescope for researchers with a huge collecting area to catch the weak radio signal.

You need only to connect your PC to the control system and install its software, and then your radio telescope is ready for observation.

12-meter Radio Telescope  

12m earth station antenna

Product Feature

Powerful Telescope for deep sky observation. With this state-of-the-art Radio Telescope, you can manage your observation up to 30GHz.

RTP120 with a 12m dish is a high-end product, Plug & Play system, designed for researchers and professionals.

The ability to integrate the international project like VLBI is the advantage of this system.

3.7m prime focus Radio Telescope

RTP37 Radio telelscope

Product Feature

This prime focus antenna with a dual polarised LHCP and RHCP is a powerful wideband radio telescope for simultaneous observation from 1 GHz to 18 GHz. 

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