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RTP70- 7 meter Radio Telescope

Excellent package for Research in Radio Astronomy [ Many science targets can be reached with this great 7m antenna ].

If you are interested in observing Pulsars or weak celestial sources, RTP70 will be an excellent tool. With this Plug and Play package, you don't need to be worried about the telescope instrument and focus on your science targets.

RTP70 has enough collecting area for advanced astronomers to observe many physical phenomena that can be expected from a 7m radio telescope. This ideal radio telescope system is a proper tool for those interested in serious research in radio astronomy. 

RTP70 is a great Radio Telescope for Pulsar observation and can be occupied with a cryogenic system.

The possibility of rotation of Az=0-360 degrees and El=0-180 degrees makes this radio telescope ideal for full-sky observation.

 RTP70 can be supplied with either L, C, Ku, or Ka bands front-end receiver unit. This antenna is also a great product to make a multi-component interferometer array.

7m LEO tracking antenna


  • Fully motorized rotational mount.

  • Automatic tracking option.

  • Azimuth over Elevation mount configuration.

  • High-resolution absolute encoders.

  • Limit switches safety mechanism.

  • Smart ACS-3  Antenna Controller. 

  • Choose the dual or single Pol. with Linear (V/H) or circular (LH/RH) polarization configuration. 

  • Data analyzing and control software. 

  • 50-meter control and coax cables.

  • One-year warranty and ten years of part supply.


  • Cryogenic system

  • Calibration noise source

  • Extra Front-End units for other frequency band observation

  • Training and installation services on site.

  • RF to fibre converter and fibre links.

7m Tx/Rx antenna in C and Ku band


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