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Our products are highly optimized for use in Radio Astronomy applications; however, we can adapt and re-optimize them for your system – whether it is radio or solar astronomy, space-based application, radar, telemetry, or deep-space communication. We believe we can scale our products in size and frequency – so if you are facing tight requirements, our team is standing by to assist you with those tough decisions and elusive solutions.

One added benefit of choosing POAM is the ability to access management services. This means that you will get full access to the support services you need. This includes installation, monitoring, equipment upgrades, and design options for antennas and front-end and back-end receivers. Even if your equipment must meet certain specifications, you can call on POAM to complete the job correctly. There is nothing in the antenna industry that we haven’t seen or can’t produce. This means that our services are designed for everyone, from scientists to novices. 

 We have several services which can be supplied to our valued clients. The list below is indicative of some of our abilities.



Depending on your installation requirements, POAM's flexible manpower can be used as an adjunct arm to support your existing technical team, or we can provide a turnkey solution. Either way, installation services can be purchased on a "time and materials" basis or via a firm-fixed-price contract.  

Our well-traveled team takes great pride in delivering and installing mechanically flawless equipment while producing optimum service and network performance. Installing systems under strict time constraints and harsh environmental conditions is our specialty. So whether your project is in a desert, jungle village, or on the North Pole, you can always count on our installation team to deliver.


Packing and Loading

POAM's antennas are securely packed in international packaging, such as metal frames or wooden boxes, to be suitable for worldwide shipment.

As most of our products ship internationally, our partner company in Felixstowe Port, UK, is responsible for handling and loading the packages with extra care up to the vessel.

Antenna and Horn design:

If you are planning to build your antenna or telescope and want to integrate the antenna or feed horn into the design, we can help. It is challenging to achieve optimum performance from an application note. We can take your product's 3D design data (we use FEKO, CST Microwave Studio, etc.) and design an optimized embedded antenna, simulate it and accurately predict performance.

Antenna Desigm

Our Customers

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