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Tracking Antenna 

ATS series are professional class tracking antennas with X-Y mount  ( or El/Az mount without Zenith Keyhole) for Rx or Rx/Tx applications. ATS antennas are suitable to work on all bands from L to Ka bands and typically can be used for the following applications:​

  • EOS- Earth Observation Satellites

  • DB- Direct Broadcast

  • Tracking LEO and MEO satellites 

  • TT&C - general satellite up-link and down-link telemetry, including microsats

  • Radar applications for advanced meteorological and environmental analysis

  • SARSAT reception of MEO satellites in simultaneous S and L bands 

  • and many more...

​ please contact our technical team to discuss the best option for your application.  

tracking antenna


  • Fully motorized rotational mount (without Zenith Keyhole). 

  • Dual reflector shape for higher efficiency (or prime focus for wideband application).

  • Custom-made horn for Rx or Tx/Rx application. 

  • Variable speed motors and controller.

  • An optional second Azimuth motor for low backlash. 

  • High-resolution absolute encoders and Limit switches safety mechanism.

  • User-friendly control software. 

  • 50-meter control cable ( or fibre optics link).

  • One-year warranty and 10-year part supply.

High speed tracking antenna


  • NPM (None Penetrating Mount)

  • Cryogenic system

  • Heating system

  • Customized feed system  

  • Training and installation services on site.

  • RF to fibre converter and fibre links.


Ka band antenna
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