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Low Noise Amplifier

We are supplying the RF low noise amplifiers (LNAs), designed to provide low noise figures and are ideal for improving system noise figures in sensitive receivers and front-end sections. We also provide the Cryogenic LNA with very low noise figures integrated into an antenna with a cryogenic system. Our low noise amplifier selection includes models with wide bandwidth and flat gain, high IP3 and other desirable specifications to meet your needs in coaxial or waveguide formats. 


Calibration Unit

In Radio or Solar astronomy, the observer must compare the received data with the calibrator Noise source to find more accurate information with the received signal, e.g., the Absolute Solar Flux in a case of Solar Astronomy or Absolute Gain in Radio Astronomy. 

We are providing computerised or manual calibrator units for such an application, so please contact us for more information.




All POAM's radio telescopes come with a radio telescope control software RTC that is used for controlling and data acquisition. RTC software runs under Windows 7 or later and is able to control the antenna for scanning an area in the sky, tracking radio sources, and indicating the object's positions in the Equatorial and Horizon coordinate systems. The radio source database consists of the position and intensity of more than 80 relatively strong radio sources presented by RTC. 

The optional graph based on SFU, Jy, or dBm vs. time and frequency will be generated according to the customer demand.


Horn Antenna 

POAM Electronics, with the help of our partner company, Astro Antenna Ltd., is able to design and manufacture horn antennas working from 400MHz up to 40GHz, for different application scenarios.  Radio Astronomy, Solar Astronomy, Satellite communication, and military are just examples of the application.

If you want to discover how our company can assist you with your project, please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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