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Explore the Radio Universe 
with POAM Radio Telescopes

You can find various products for research and education in radio and solar astronomy here, including tracking antennas and all associated accessories. The antenna size starts from 3m to 12m in diameter, and the whole system will be customized according to your target application. 

One added benefit of choosing POAM is the ability to access the management services. This means that you will get full access to the support services you need. This includes installation, monitoring, equipment upgrades, and design options for antennas and front-end or back-end receivers. Even if your equipment must meet certain specifications, you can call on POAM to complete the job correctly. There is nothing in this industry that we haven’t seen or can’t produce. This means that our services are designed for everyone, from scientists to novices. Please contact us to discuss what we can do for you.

tracking antenna, Earth station antenna
earth station antenna

We are a European company consisting of engineers and astronomers with many years of experience supplying professional radio and solar telescopes and tracking antennas, including the design, installation, and complete oversight of whole projects. This means you can obtain the exact final product you may need to establish a professional radio observatory or telecommunication site based completely on your preferences and target application.

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