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RTP30- 3m Radio telescope


[ RTP30 ]


RTP30 is a 3m low-cost integrated Radio Telescope kit, fully motorized, which is designed for those interested in starting serious research in radio astronomy.

Explore the  Radio Universe
with POAM Radio Telescopes

POAM Electronics is a manufacturer & supplier of Radio Telescopes and all associated accessories that provide a variety of radio telescope antenna packages for Research or Education in Radio and Solar Astronomy. 

POAM powerful 3 to 12-meter Radio Telescopes are ideal for spectral lines and continuum observation of up to 30 GHz.


Full rotation mount is the advantage of POAM antennas  

which extend the application of antennas to Tracking LEO and MEO satellites, Radio Monitoring,  TT&C and Radar applications for advanced meteorological and

environmental analysis.

Radio Telescopes for Research and Education in Astronomy

RTP53 - 5.3m Radio Telescope


[ RTP53 ]


The professional class of 5.3m Radio Telescope fully computerized kit which can meet many science targets in Radio Astronomy.

RTP70-7m Radio Telescope

[ RTP70 ]


This 7m professional class radio telescope is an ideal full system package and a proper tool for those interested in serious research in radio astronomy.

RTP90-9m Radio Telescope

[ RTP90 ]


The 9m dish of RTP90 has enough collecting area for advanced astronomers to be appreciated to observe many physical phenomena that can be expected from a large radio telescope. 

RTP120 - 12m Radio Telescope Antenna

[ RTP120 ]


RTP120 with a 12m dish is a high-end product, Plug & Play system which is designed for researchers and professionals.

The ability to integrate an international project like VLBI is the advantage of this system.

4.5m solar telescope

[Solar Telescope]


All POAM's radio telescopes from 3m to 12m have the capability of converting to a solar telescope. This kind of telescopes eventually supply with LCP and RCP feed in the frequency band of interest from 100 MHz to 23 GHz to cover must sciences target in solar radio astronomy.

7m antenna in Z mount.jpg

[Tracking antenna]


ATS series are professional class tracking antennas with X/Y or El/Az mount for Rx or Rx/Tx applications and suitable to work on many bands especially on the L, S and X bands for LEO & MEO tracking applications.

pulsar receiver

[Pulsar Receiver]


The pulsar receiver package, the powerful integrated system, can work with any radio telescope with L-Band output. First, you need to connect the RF cable to the Pulsar receiver, install PRS software on your PC, and then your system is ready for observation and recording of Radio Pulsars data.

Radio Telscope



The variety of products, from RF to microwave to mechanical structure, is comprehensive and includes LNA, Horn, Mount, Antenna, Software and many more passive and active devices to support R&D and telecom sectors.

We are a UK-based engineering company that handles every aspect of supplying professional antennae that are applicable in:

  • Radio Astronomy 

  • Solar Astronomy  

  • Tracking Antenna (for low-orbital and other moving objects)   

  • Earth-station antenna

  • Military application antenna


Our services include the design, installation and complete oversight of whole projects. Working with us means you can obtain the exact Antenna needed to establish a professional tool based entirely on your preferences and the targets.

No matter your project type, we can design, construct and install a system just for you, changing your idea into reality, and you can now have what you need in a shorter time. Affordable systems and on-time deliveries are just some benefits of choosing POAM Electronics. We are the leader in radio and solar astronomy innovation and technology for a reason.

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