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One added benefit of choosing POAM is the ability to access management services. This means that you will get full access to the support services you need. This includes installation, monitoring, equipment upgrades, and design options for antennas and front-end and back-end receivers. Even if your equipment must meet certain specifications, you can call on POAM to complete the job correctly. There is nothing in the radio astronomy instrumentation that we haven’t seen or can’t produce. Our services are designed for everyone, from scientists to novices. With a recent expansion to the United Kingdom in 2013, our services are even more widely available to European customers.


 We have many services which can be supplied to our valued clients. The list below is indicative of some of our abilities.



Our highly skilled antenna and radio telescope equipment installation professionals deliver high-quality install services designed to facilitate rapid deployment & quick turn-up of radio telescope & services. Additionally, our installation services are uniquely tailored to each customer's project specifications, requirements & goals.

Depending on your installation requirements, POAM's flexible manpower can be used as an adjunct arm to support your existing technical team, or we can provide a turnkey solution. Either way, installation services can be purchased on a "time and materials" basis or via a firm-fixed-price contract.  

Our well-travelled team takes great pride in delivering and installing mechanically flawless equipment while producing optimum service & network performance. Installing systems under strict time constraints & harsh environmental conditions is our speciality. So whether your project is in a desert, jungle village or on the North pole, you can always count on our installation team to deliver.

Tracking Antenna Installation

5.3m Antenna Installation

3m Antenna Installation

Antenna and Horn design:


If you are planning to build your own radio telescope or a new wireless product and want to integrate the antenna or feed horn into the design, we can help. It isn't easy to achieve optimum performance from an application note. We can take your product's 3D design data (we use FEKO,  CST Microwave Studio, …) and design an optimized embedded antenna, simulate it and accurately predict performance.

POAM 10m Solar Telescope

Solar Telescope design

Dual Pol Horn antenna

Dual polirzed wideband horn antenna for prime focus dish

18 to 40 ghz horn

18GHz to 40GHz Horn Antenna

POAM Radio telescope

Custom made antenna design

1ghz to 18ghz horn

Wideband 1GHz to 18GHz horn antenna

Buy Horn Antenna Online from Below Link:

POAM Horn antenna

1 to 18GHz and 18 to 40GHz horn antennas

Hardware/Software design:

We have in-house RF and microwave design capabilities. We have experience in frequencies from 10 MHz to 30 GHz. Our capabilities also include prototyping & testing of components & assemblies. We can also do RF & Microwave research and development for any need that might develop.


We also have an excellent software engineering team that can design your special software requirements.

Noise/Load calibration unit for 1420MHz band

Motorized 2-port polarized  system

A 6.7GHz LNA for Methanol spectral line observation 

Upgraded version of RTC software with image processing option 

RFI Monitoring:


If you wish to install permanent Radio Observatory facilities, you must have information about the level of interference on your site. Obtain data quickly and easily at a reasonable price and with a high degree of versatility, and we have the service you need.

Please get in touch with us for more information.

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