RTP30 - 3 meter Radio Telescope package 

3m Radio Telescope Antenna
3 meter solid antenna in 2 models

[ Ring focus and prime focus antenna for a narrow and wideband observation ]

RTP30 is a  low-cost integrated Radio Telescope kit, fully motorized which is designed for professionals and educational institutes, a great starting tool for Radio Astronomer.

With this telescope, you are able to detect Sun, Moon and some strong radio sources ( Many strong radio sources in the database are available for quick reference ).

The main Front-End receiver of this antenna is L-Band but additionally, we can supply C, Ku and Ka band front-end receiver with this telescope as an option.  


 RTP53-5.3 meter Radio Telescope package 

Heavy duty mount with solid 5.3 meter dish

[ With the great surface accuracy for observation up to 22GHz ]


RTP53 Radio Telescope is fully motorized which designed for professionals and also suitable for educational projects. The possibility of rotation of Az=0-360 degree and El=0-90 degree makes this radio telescope ideal for full sky observation.


RTP53 is a State-Of-The-Art integrated Radio Telescope, fully motorized and computerized. This is an ideal radio telescope system for who are interested in starting serious research in radio astronomy. RTP53 can be supplied with either L, C, Ku or Ka bands front-end receiver unit.

This antenna is also the great product to make multi-components interferometer array.


 RTP70 - 7 meter Radio Telescope package 

RTP70 - 7m Radio Telescope Antenna
Excellent package for Research in Radio Astronomy

[ Many science targets can be reached with this great 7m antenna ]


If you are interested to observe Pulsars or weak celestial sources, RTP70 will be great tools for you. With this Plug and Play package, you don't need to be worried about the telescope instrument and just focus on your science targets.


RTP70 has enough collecting area for advanced astronomers to be appreciated to observe many physical phenomena that can be expected from a 7m radio telescope. This ideal radio telescope system is a proper tool for who are interested in serious research in radio astronomy. 

RTP70 is a great Radio Telescope for Pulsar observation too.


 RTP90 - 9 meter Radio Telescope package 

RTP90 - 9m Radio Telescope Antenna
Professional grade Radio Telescope for Researcher

[ Huge collecting area to catch weak radio signal ]


You need only to connect your PC to control system and install its software and then your radio telescope is ready for observation.

RTP90 is a Radio Telescope package ideal for observation of weak celestial sources in spectral line or continuum mode in L-Band or other bands up to 22GHz. RTP90 has 9-meter solid dish with excellent surface accuracy.


Additionally you can order Pulsar receiver unit with this package to make your radio observatory more powerful for detecting many week Pulsars.


 RTP120 - 12 meter Radio Telescope 

POAM 12m Radio Telescope
Powerful Telescope for deep sky observation 

[ State-Of-The-Art Radio Telescope for observation up to 30GHz ]


RTP120 with a 12m dish is a high-end product, Plug & Play system which is designed for researchers and professionals.

The ability to integrate the international project like VLBI is the advantage of this system.

The RTP120, designed and built by POAM Electronics, offer very wide continuous travel ranges, high pointing/tracking accuracies, and are suited for multi-mission operation in Radio Astronomy applications.

The antenna support/tower can be steel or reinforced concrete structure. The lower tower section offers rack space for the RF subsystems and baseband equipment and receivers or customer furnished equipment.

Antennas can be equipped with electrical reflector heating systems or Cryogenic cooling system.


 Wideband dual polarised Solar Telescope       ***NEW PRODUCT*** 

4.5 meter prime focus antenna with dual polarised LHCP and RHCP is very powerful wideband solar telescope for simultaneous observation from 1 GHz to 18 GHz. 

This Solar Telescope specially designed for solar radio astronomer, the main features are as follow:

  • Antenna Size:  4.5 meter  ( 3.7 meter version is also available )

  • Antenna type: Prime focus 

  • Bandwidth: 18 GHz

  • Polarization: dual linear V and H or dual circular- LHCP and RHCP

  • Mount type: motorised Elevation over Azimuth 

  • Auto tracking function

  • Separate RF channel for  each polarisation 

  • Solar receiver with:

         Spectral resolution: from 1 Hz to 18 GHz

         Minimum Detectable signal -155 dBm

         Digital variable Attenuator  

  • Antenna Gain: 50 dB ( in mid band)

  • G/T: 30 dB ( in mid band)

The Package includes:

  • 4.5m fully motorised prime focus antenna with El over Az mount

  • Wideband dual Pol. 1 GHz to 18 GHz  horn

  • Solar Receiver

  • Accessories

  • One year warranty and 10 years part supply 

For more information please contact us.

4.5m RX antenna (2).jpg

4.5 meter prime focus antenna 

Dual Polarized horn antenna

Ultra wideband dual polarised horn antenna working from 1 to 18 GHz designed for solar telescope 

solar italy2.jpg

Ultra wideband dual polarised solar telescope with 3.7m antenna installed in Italy


 Tracking Antenna 


ATS series are professional class tracking antennas with X-Y mount for Rx or Rx/Tx and suitable to work on all bands from L to Ka, typically can be used for the following applications:

  • EOS- Earth Observation Satellites

  • DB- Direct Broadcast

  • tracking LEO and MEO satellites 

  • TT&C - general satellite up-link and down-link telemetry, including microsats

  • Radar applications for advanced meteorological and environmental analysis

  • SARSAT reception of MEO satellites in simultaneous S and L bands 

  • and many more...

The available models:





Other antenna sizes and frequency bands are also available please contact our technical team to discuss the best option to suit your application.  

Tracking antenna in X-Y mount with no keyhole in zenith  

 Pulsar Receiver Unit                 


Pulsar receiver package, the powerful integrated system is able to work with any radio telescope with L-Band output, Just needs to connect the RF cable to Pulsar receiver, install PRS software on your PC and then your system is ready for observation and recording Radio Pulsars data.

In the case of working with other frequency bands rather than L-Band, for transferring the input frequency to L-Band ( with the center frequency of 1420MHz and 100MHz bandwidth),  needs to use the up/down conversion unit, for more information please contact us to discuss in detail.

Main Features:

  • L-Band  Input

  • 100MHz bandwidth

  • Sample rate 2GSa/s ( Maximum )

  • Input impedance 50Ω

  • Up to 50,000wfms/s waveform capture rate

  • Up to 60,000 frames real-time waveform record, replay & analysis functions

  • Auto measurement of 25 waveform parameters, with statistics

  • Built-in FFT with a choice of window functions

  • Various waveform math functions

  • Connectivity mode USB

  • 4U Rack mount case

  • Power Voltage 100 V to 240 V, 45 Hz to 65 Hz

  • Power Maximum 50 W, 250 V

  • Environment Temperature Range: 0℃ to +50℃ ( Operating )

  • Humidity Range : ≤95% relative humidity

Please contact us for more information.

Pulsar Receiver

The Package includes:

  • Pulsar receiver unit

  • PRS software

  • USB cable

  • Power cable

  • User manual

  • One year warranty

  • Up/down conversion unit ( Optional )


 Accsessories and other products 

Lens L-Band Horn for big reflector antenna
The only place for supply radio telescope accessories

[ No matter what type of project you have, we have ability to design and construct a product that is just for you ]


If you would like to discover how our company can assist you with your project, please contact us to discuss your requirements in more details.

L-Band horn for big reflector antenna 
Full sky mount for Radio Telescope
Antenna Control Unit ACU
1 to 18GHz dual Pol. horn antenna 
18GHz Dual pol horn antenna
Custom made mount
Custom made antenna controller 
LNA for 1420MHz
Ultra Low Noise Amplifier
1420 MHz Noise/Load Cal. unit
Noise/Load Calibration Unit for 1420 MHz 
Wideband horn antenna 1GHz to 18GHz
Wideband 1 - 18 GHz Single Pol. horn 
50 MHz dual pol. feed for big reflector antenna
Dual Pol. Low Frequency feed in conical point of 45m reflector antenna
X-Y mount2.jpg
X-Y mount head in export package ready for ship 

POAM Electronics can supply the variety of products from RF to microwave to mechanical structure the samples are:

1) Ultra Low Noise Amplifier for any band from 50MHz to 40GHz

2) Single/dual and linear/circular wide band and narrow band Horn antenna up to 40GHz

3) Noise and load calibration unit for any specific band 

4) Mount and antenna with your requested size and shape

5) Software design for your specific application 

6) Cryogenic and cooling system

and many more passive and active devices to support R&D and telecommunication sectors.

Please contact us with your requirement.