Radio telescope  in Philippine
RTP30 in New Era University Manila
X-Y mount head
X/Y mount in export package ready for shipment
Mexico 2019
RTP53  Radio Telescope in Mexico
2 of 3 antennas interferometer array in the Ka band
Mount for the 9m antenna, under contraction, before painting
Radio Telescopes in warehouse
Radio Telescope Ready to go to explore the Universe
5m Mesh Antenna
RTPM-50 5m Mesh Radio Telescope installed in Tehran Iran
Sun drift scan
Sun drift scan by 5.3m radio telescope Philippine Feb. 2019
Philippine Nov. 2018
Philippine Nov. 2018
Philippine 2018
RTP53 Installed in Philippine - Nov. 2018
RTP53 Radio Telescope
RTP53 installed in Philippine Nov. 2018
Radio Telescope in 1420MHz
Antenna with L-Band Feed
5.3m antenna with 1420MHz feed
3m prime-focus antenna
3m Prime-focus Radio Telescope on the rooftop of Baghdad University building - Iraq
Malta 2017
Antenna Back Structure
5.3 Radio Telescope
Antenna Installation
3m Radio Telescope
L-Band Feed on 3m Antenna
Ring Focus Antenna
RTP30 in Germany
RTP30 in UK (prime focus model)
4.5m Prime Focus Antenna Thailand
4.5m antenna in Malaysia
Malaysia 2016
9m Antenna Installation
RTP120 - 12m Radio Telescope
In Steel mount
Antenna in concrete foundation
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RTP53 Radio Telescope Movement Demo 

Radio Telescope in 1420MHz