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Mexico 2019
RTP53  Radio Telescope in Mexico
2 of 3 antennas interferometer array in the Ka band
Mount for the 9m antenna, under contraction, before painting
5m Mesh antenna in Tehran-Iran
RTPM-50 5m Mesh Radio Telescope installed in Tehran Iran
5m Mesh Antenna
RTPM-50 5m Mesh Radio Telescope installed in Tehran Iran
Sun drift scan
Sun drift scan by 5.3m radio telescope Philippine Feb. 2019
Philippine Nov. 2018
Philippine Nov. 2018
RTP53 Installed in Philippine - Nov. 2018
RTP53 Radio Telescope
RTP53 installed in Philippine Nov. 2018
Radio Telescope in 1420MHz
Antenna with L-Band Feed
5.3m antenna with 1420MHz feed
3m prime-focus antenna
3m Prime-focus Radio Telescope on the rooftop of Baghdad University building - Iraq
RTP53 Radio telescope in MALTA
Antenna Back Structure
5.3 Radio Telescope
Antenna Installation
3m Radio Telescope
L-Band Feed on 3m Antenna
Ring Focus Antenna
RTP30 in Germany
RTP30 in UK (prime focus model)
4.5m Prime Focus Antenna Thailand
4.5m antenna in Malaysia
11m antenna for Tx/Rx Application
9m Antenna Installation
RTP120 - 12m Radio Telescope
In Steel mount
Antenna in concrete foundation
Radio Astronomical Control System
(RACS 3000)
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RTP53 Radio Telescope Movement Demo 

RTP30 in Germany